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EThOSnet Newsletter, December 2008

EThOS is due to go into Beta testing on Tuesday 9th December. In order to ensure that the service performs as expected, and to get initial feedback on the web interface, the beta version will initially be released to a small group of testers (from within the project and the wider community). The beta-testers will be able to check and feedback on EThOS, except the ‘order a thesis’ function, which will still only be accessible via the current hybrid service.

In the meantime, please continue to use the current hybrid service as detailed below, which will continue until the full service is ready to be released to all users.

During the beta test phase, the team at the British Library will continue to work on the service, taking into account feedback from the beta test group, and resolving any outstanding technical issues.

Once we are happy that the service is robust it will be made available to the whole community.

The hybrid EThOS/microfilm service

The hybrid service will enable the ordering and supply of microfilm copies where the thesis is already held by the British Library.  In cases where the required thesis is not held on microfilm by the British Library, the customer’s order will initiate the digitisation of the hardcopy source thesis and delivery as a searchable PDF file on CD-ROM.

If the required thesis was issued by an EThOS non-participating institution the customer will be directed to apply direct to the institution.  Paper copies of theses may also be supplied in response to orders supplied via either of these hybrid service routes. 

During the period that this hybrid service applies, the existing price structures for microfilm or paper copies will apply.  The supply of newly digitised theses on CD-ROM will be free of charge (only where it is not already available on microfilm).

We will continue to issue regular communications via various channels and will provide updates on how the testing process is progressing as they become available. 

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fillerEThOS will:

Improving research theses access to those who need it

Improving post graduate research knowledge transfer to students

Creating a one stop electronic shop for all UK Theses

Promoting UK Higher Education post graduate research to the world

Contributing to the global knowledge pool